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Strong Mind

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Course Curriculum

Chapter 1: Mindset

Chapter 2: Knowledge and Understanding

Chapter 3: Fear of falling, heights and exposure

Chapter 4: Fear of failure, performance anxiety and social fears

Chapter 5: Multipurpose mindtools 

Chapter 6: Maintenance and  troubleshooting 


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What People Are Saying:

Many thanks to you all for this course! It's been so expansive, and I know I'll be returning to the content and still finding some new gems in it going forward. I've already seen how engaging different mind tools, habits, and deliberate fall practice has made the parts of climbing that were feeling intimidating or fear-producing fun again, and I feel really empowered to approach my own climbing and climbing mindset with curiosity rather than judgement. It's night and day from how I was starting to feel about climbing about a year ago! Thank you for creating and teaching this course 😊


Thank you for a fantastic course. There is so much great content and I learned so much. It was a lot of work but really worth it.


This course was simply amazing. I was sceptical about doing an online course, but I was wrong. The availability of all the coaches and the quick responses in Slack really made it possible to assimilate the material. I already feel all the changes this course has brought to me. Since the beginning of the course, I took my biggest falls and lead my most difficult routes ever. I fell on routes and stayed positive because I was happy with the way I was climbing. I'm way calmer while climbing and I listen to my mind and my body a lot more. My partner also saw big improvements in my general attitude towards climbing. He is very proud of my falls and my progress. He was the one who paid for this course (birthday gift) and he is really happy with his purchase because he has more fun climbing with me now! I still have ''bad'' moments where my attitude can be negative. However, I usually get back to a positive mindset fairly quickly. I still have a long way to go, but I am clearly in the right direction. In the introduction chapter, I wrote that I signed up for this course because I wanted climbing to be fun again. I really want to thank the whole Strong Mind team, this course allowed me to finally come back to the reasons why I love climbing so much! I will miss you guys, it was a real pleasure meeting you all!